Zoning, Automation and Gas Detection

Our HVAC zoning, automation and gas detection services take into consideration that many building systems utilize specialized control systems to improve working environments and processes. These control systems also improve the energy efficiency of the equipment they serve.

HVAC Zoning and Automation Services

We understand the importance of your zoning and automation system and provide preventative maintenance programs along with emergency servicing to keep these systems functioning properly. We also design and install zoning and automation control systems on either existing or new installations. Some of the zoning and automation systems we service are:

  • Carrier
  • Price
  • Priva
  • Zonex
  • Dimax

Having these systems well maintained and functioning properly means the difference between a building that is operating at maximum efficiency and one that is not. In Southern Ontario, the health and effectiveness of your zoning and automation systems is essential to comfort year-round. Our HVAC zoning and automation services are a fundamental part of that.

Gas detection

Any building where the accumulation of harmful gases is a concern, or must legally be monitored – such as a parking garage or a manufacturing plant that produces any number of toxic substances – requires a gas detection system.

These systems may react in many ways to the detection of an unsafe level of a harmful substance, but they most often will sound an alarm and/or energize an exhaust system. There are many types and makes of gas detection systems that require varying levels and frequency of maintenance.

Regular calibration of a gas detection system sensor or transmitter is essential to the proper operation and longevity of any system. We maintain, service, design and install such systems made by CET, Armstrong, and Honeywell to name a few.

Don’t put off getting your systems inspected and maintained. Get in touch with Hamilton Oliver Thermal Control today and schedule regular HVAC Zoning, Automation and Gas Detection Services to keep your system fully functional and well cared for all year round.

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